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FAQs About The Tummy Tuck – Things To Know About Tummy Belt

tummy tuck

How much Is It?

Our quality belt is one of the cheapest you can get. At just #8,000, you can be sure of a belly belt that will last you for years to come

For How Long (Hours) Will I Strap The Belt

Some of our clients wear their belts for up to 20 hours, while some others for just half of the time. The hours solely depends on you.

When Will I Begin To See Result

If you adhere to the 6 things to do to make your tummy belt work faster that I wrote, you’ll start seeing result from 2 weeks. In fact, some customers told us they started seeing improvement within seven days.

Is There Guarantee On The Belt?

Yes. As long as the damage is not from your end, like using a sharp object on it, burning, and the likes, we will replace your belt within 30 days should it get damaged

Where Can I order For My Belt?

Simple. You can either put your order through on the website or call us to place your order. It’s totally your call, and anyone you choose is great.

Is It Pay On Delivery?

Pay on delivery option is only applicable for people residing in Ibadan. If you’re outside the city, we can send to your location via a courier or any bus driver

For more questions, please reach out to us via the contact us form below or call 07031924538.

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Things You Need To Know About This Best Electric Toothbrush

electric toothbrush

Are you considering switching from the conventional toothbrush and invest in a great electric toothbrush? Then this short guide will answer most of your question.

What is an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a type of brush that is engineered to vibrate on its own while using it on your teeth. What am I saying? Instead of the usual up and down movement that you do with your typical toothbrush, the vibration in the electric toothbrush will do the cleaning in a faster and more efficient way.

What Are The Types of Electric Toothbrush

As at the compilation of this article, we have two major types:

Is An Electric Toothbrush Effective

An electric toothbrush is found to be at least five times better than the best conventional toothbrush. It comes with a sonic head that won’t damage your gum, and it removes cavities and plaques up to 10 times more.

Will I still Use My Hand To Control The Brush

Yes. You’ll still need to hold the brush in position to have the proper contact with your teeth

Do I Need Toothpaste

Yes. You can use any dentist recommended toothpaste with your electric toothbrush for the best cleaning experience

Can I Use It To Wash My Tongue

Yes. An electric toothbrush can also be used on your tongue without damaging it.

Which Electric Toothbrush Should I Use

You should go with the ones that have the 2-minutes timer and comes with a sonic head. With that, you can be sure of not damaging your gum. You should also select the one that has various brushing modes, and, of course, is pocket-friendly. Fortunately for you, The Somocare Electric Toothbrush fills all the gaps perfectly.

Are They Usually Waterproof

There isn’t much difference between your regular brush and your electric brush when it comes to dipping them into the water. Most electric toothbrushes come with a reliable waterproof that can stand your shower and your daily dip and brush needs.

Are There Any Disadvantages

Nothing serious. People that are used to brushing their teeth past the recommended 2 minute may need 2 to 3 days adjusting to life with their new brush. However, with the outstanding brushing effects on an electric brush, you’ll soon forget your old, bad habits and beliefs of brushing past 2 minutes.

Does It Come With Replacements Heads?

Most, if not all, usually come with at least a replacement head. And you can always get new replacement heads at cheap prices when it’s time.

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6 Easy Things To Help You Achieve A Faster Result With Your Tummy Belt

Tummy belt

Do you have a big tummy or big belly and you’ll appreciate reducing it soon enough with a tummy belt? Will you like to keep fit, look sexy and presentable, and be able to wear your choice clothes anytime you want it? Then this short read is for you.

Your Big Tummy and Tummy Belt

I get these questions a lot:

  • Will I achieve a flat tummy with only the tummy belt?
  • When will I begin to see results?
  • Hope I won’t need any exercise to cut down my belly fat?
  • Can I use my waist belt every time?

You’ll find the perfect answer in this short article.

The truth is, the belly fat is the most difficult fat to burn. It didn’t just form in a day, it accumulates from time to time based on your eating habit, gene, stress, etc.

Although fat is needed to protect the major organs in the body (liver, kidney, heart, etc.), too much of it (visceral fat) can affect the health and well-being of a person, causing heart diseases, stroke, etc.

So how do you cut down on these frustrating tummy fat?

You might have tried sit-ups, swimming, walking, and other exercises with little or no result. You probably might have been drinking lemon or lime, green tea, skipping breakfast, eating early, and adhering to other tips with little to show for it. I so much understand your pain.

One thing is that your belly fat will only reduce if there is a negative energy: that is the energy used up is more than consumed. Different people store fat in different areas: some in the abdomen, thigh, behind, etc. It all depends on genetic factors.

The truth is, you need a tummy tuck. But using a belt can’t help you reduce your tummy (well, it has worked for some people in the past but it took longer before they started seeing the result). I want you to see your belt as a mold that will help keep your tummy in your chosen shape (But the mold needs your effort from the inside as well).

You should remember that if the mold is working on the outside and you’re still not helping from the inside due to poor hygiene, you won’t see any result.

So, below are the common but effective things you can do to help you achieve your choice result from your belt.

6 Things To Do To Melt Your Tummy Fat Quickly With Your Tummy Belt

1. Drink A lot of Water – One of the causes of belly fat is stress. By drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help you lower your stress and ensure that your body is functioning optimally. If you don’t drink a lot of water, your body will begin to store fat in your tummy in the form of triglyceride. So, make water your friend.

  1. Drink Lemon – At least 20 minutes before breakfast and the last thing before bed, you should take warm water mixed with lemon. A tablespoon or two to a glass of water is enough to melt fat off your tummy.

  1. Cut Down on Carbohydrates, sugar, and Junks – Anything white food should be limited in your diet. I understand that we are not so blessed with vagaries of meals, but you still have to limit the intake of white food – rice, bread, yam, etc. Also, if you’re a fan of junk meal and fast food, this is the time to quit for good.

  1. Eat a lot of Vegetables and Fruits, Protein, and Grains – If you have not started loading your diet with vegetables, you need to start now. Some vegetables like onions, cucumber, green vegetables, green pepper, tomatoes, and carrots are natural fat burners. Start eating more of them today.

  1. Increase Sweat Around Your Tummy  (With a Tummy Belt)– The truth is, the more you sweat around your tummy, the faster you burn your tummy fat. So, to help your stomach control belt work faster and better, you can get any balm (Rubb or Aboniki). Apply the balm to your tummy before strapping your belt.

By doing this, you tend to increase your sweating and you know what that means.


  1. Exercise – I know you don’t like exercise. But, come on, you need it. It’s not until you go out jogging or hitting the gym that indicates you’re exercising. By simply increasing your working pace, taking between 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day (This fitness band will ensure you’re achieving your daily fitness goals), doing a fun exercise like swimming, riding a bicycle, skipping, etc. can really help you.

I know you’re doing some sit-ups already, but sit-ups will only tone your muscle and not really burn your belly fat.

Here is also a Youtube video shared by David Avocado Wolfe of the best, easy to do exercise to burn your belly fat easily while using your belt for the best result

So, that’s simply the point. I know you’re eager to eliminate the fat as soon as possible, but I want you to know that it takes only surgical procedure to achieve that. I don’t want you to panic or fall into the hands of “burn belly fat in 3 days” scams.

If you’re dedicated and you a decent effort into the above tips, you’ll see chunks of fat melt off your belly in weeks.

Good luck. For more questions, please reach out to me via the comment section. And don’t forget to check out our other products and also share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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